Sunday, 25 January 2009

Felt, felt, felt....

These are my latest creation, they are so new they are not even on the website yet, they are miniature felt hearts with beading details and contrasting stitching, they are a joy to make but I have had to stop myself...I think thirty is enough! Oh well, at least I am stocked up for the craft fairs, the first of which is in March but I am at that lovely stage where I spend most of my time dreaming up new products. I also love the wooden primitive hearts that I have made. I have suspended them from a wire and I am not sure whether to put anything on these yet - what do you think, maybe a small bow on the wire or some beads? Also, I am trying to keep the colours quite 'calm' (except for the vivid pink!!) are there any colours you think I should be including? I know I need to concentrate more on little boys colours, the tendency is to go more towards the lovely pinks and lilacs. Incidentally the lovely rack was bought at a craft fair, I just loved it and had to have it! Anyway, best sign off - I want to package up my new catnip cushions before tea.....I know how to live eh?


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