Saturday, 25 July 2009

Felt terriers, letters and 'home sweet home' signs....

Sometimes I just can't get going and the creative juices are suffering a drought! I did manage to make two felt terriers today, inspired by the Allsorts blog and a lovely pattern by Jennie B Harris. I only made mine in 2D but Jennies look great with a gusset. The picture doesn't do them justice - I have made them in my favourite colours of the moment - pink and green!

I used to make these for the craft fairs many moons ago but for some reason I stopped. If I remember rightly they were a good seller, I used to make them with buttons and small ribbons attached but this was my favourite with a small 'star' design, I sometimes attach small jewels in the centre, you can always email me at if you would like a price.

And last but not least, I love my new 'Home Sweet Home' signs and even better I have made them from the usually discarded inners of my 'hollow hearts' both can be seen at and with all my products they can be customised to suit your every need.

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Perhaps the loveliest place on earth?

Every now and then you visit a place and it does something to you, Rob and I are like that with two places, Pennan off the Eastern coast of Scotland (the setting for Local Hero) and Penmon Point which is a headland off Anglesey. The latter is beautiful and when you have paid the £2.00 toll you can spend forever just looking out to sea or over to Puffin Island, the Great Orme or to the right, the Snowdonian Mountain Range - where else would you get all those views rolled into one. My dream is to live here one day and have a little craft shed, I have got it all worked out in my head and there is a house for sale so watch this space......
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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Tidy workroom......errrmmm...tidy mind?

I am always intrigued when I see these fabulous work spaces in magazines and on craft sites and I marvel at how tidy they keep them, well I thought I would share mine! This is after three (?!?) hours of sorting and tidying which gives you an idea of the 'before' picture! I love the idea of a floor to ceiling storage area and a plush carpet but in theory if you are creating, this is not possible and so I shall be content with my paint splattered floor, the bits of thread that I seem to bring with me everywhere I go and the smell of lavender that pervades our home (the latter is not a chore!).

I love the calm before the storm ie just before a Craft Fair when all my baskets are full and labelled and ready to go, I store them all in our spare room and often just pop in to take a look - I really need to get out more!!! But, seriously, I believe that if you spend so much time creating then that is the reward, being able to see your things nicely displayed and (hopefully!) flying off the shelves.

Me at Dobbies, Southport with a black rooster through my head!

If you would like to order anything you see on my blog, you can always visit my website at:

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Stockton Heath Arts Festival

What a great festival, after an initially shaky start it was the perfect venue to show off my goods and people were ready to buy too which is always a plus! Surrounded by lovely people, the very sociable Catherine and Rachel to my left and the wonderful Wendy Massey over to the right - it always makes these venues when you are with great people.

The festival was very well organised too, I believe the organisers also do an event at Christmas - put me down for that!!!
There was someone taking lots of photos so I will post them here (if I can get permission) when they are available!
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