Sunday, 19 July 2009

Tidy workroom......errrmmm...tidy mind?

I am always intrigued when I see these fabulous work spaces in magazines and on craft sites and I marvel at how tidy they keep them, well I thought I would share mine! This is after three (?!?) hours of sorting and tidying which gives you an idea of the 'before' picture! I love the idea of a floor to ceiling storage area and a plush carpet but in theory if you are creating, this is not possible and so I shall be content with my paint splattered floor, the bits of thread that I seem to bring with me everywhere I go and the smell of lavender that pervades our home (the latter is not a chore!).

I love the calm before the storm ie just before a Craft Fair when all my baskets are full and labelled and ready to go, I store them all in our spare room and often just pop in to take a look - I really need to get out more!!! But, seriously, I believe that if you spend so much time creating then that is the reward, being able to see your things nicely displayed and (hopefully!) flying off the shelves.

Me at Dobbies, Southport with a black rooster through my head!

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