Saturday, 21 February 2009

Belgium, Schmelgium!!!!!

Well. we didn't make it to Belgium - I came down with the Dreaded Lurgy the night before and we decided not to go - we were both so disappointed , especially as it was our anniversary but we have decided to go again in a few weeks when I am better. I have spent the time thinking of new ideas and I have come up with this Lighthouse Pillow, the quote reads, "At the bottom of the lighthouse is darkness" - Rob thinks this is a pessimistic quote but I think the opposite applies? I have also been busy making hair slides and brooches for my next craft fair, which is fast approaching, and updating Gilby the Terrier by adding a 'coat' and a flower - I think they look so much better? I have put some organic French lavender in them and so they should help drift you off to sleep - aaaahhhhhh!
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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Off to Bruges....

.....we are off to Bruges tomorrow for a few days as it was our twentieth anniversary on Wednesday - can't wait! Some friends have recommended Bruges and say we may even get some lovely fabric - poor Rob he doesn't know what he is letting himself in for! I am taking the Blackberry and so I can still reply to any of your comments/queries from the website
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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Handmade French style signs

I have been very busy this week, I have made fifteen of these for the craft fairs (with the help of my lovely husband) all ready for my first fair in March. They will be available on the website from mid-March and the colour, phrase and style can all be dictated by you, keep a look out on our website for them I have yet to price them but I think they will retail at about £8.50 each.

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Adorable quote cushions

These are my latest project, a little cushion with a quote/phrase on, I just love them and they can be made in any colour/fabric or with any quote you desire, they can even come with lavender. I have tried to show you a selection and they will be available on the web mid to end of March and at the craft fairs from early March.
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Sunday, 8 February 2009

French Vintage Key Holders

These are very popular at the fairs, they are a 'shabby chic' key holder and have 'vintage' French advertisements on them. I rub them back for that 'aged' look, I love making them as they look authentic.

I am working on some 'quote' cushions at the moment (so new I am not sure what to call them yet), I have found this fabulous fabric that you can print on to and then sew with, it is a little thin (like muslin) but I find attaching iron on interfacing helps, I will post a picture when I have done some. I am also working on some signs - ideally 'shabby chic' style with popular phrases on, I am working on one for the Craft Fair for Mother's Day, again I will post a picture when I have done them.

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