Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year...New Me

A very busy Penmon Point
Happy New Year to everyone, I hope it was a good one and you all are looking forward to the New Year with optimism? We have so many plans for the New Year, the sad thing is that my crafts will have to take a back seat for the first few months at least which I am not happy with but with both job and house commitments, something has to give.

We have spent Christmas and New Year at Penmon which has just been amazing - unfortunately we don't get anything done, I take the washing up in the vain hope of putting it away and end up staring out to sea in a euphoric trance!!! Gorgeous!

We have decided to rent the cottage out for the foreseeable future and I know some of you were interested in renting it so the URL is


Jane Gordon said...

Love the new blog - proper posh!!!

Anonymous said...

hi lizzy, happy new yeay, cottage looks fab...regards, jenny holland(plaquetastic)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny, hope you are all well?

Are you doing anything on the craft front?


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