Saturday, 7 March 2009

On the eve of the fair....

....tomorrow is my first fair of the year and, despite the fact that I have been working flat out for weeks, I am still convinced that I haven't got enough stock - ever the optimist! I have lots of new items from felt spectacle cases, catnip cushions, Kath Kidston fragranced cushions, bags of lavender and rose and some lovely chicken 'hangies, I will take lots of photos and post them tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting some feedback from the customers (good or bad!) and seeing some of the lovely crafters that I met last year. The picture is some wooden lettering that I make with butterfly and dragonfly adornments. Well I shall get on and check my bag for the last time!

Lizzy's tip: Don't spend money on expensive bags of filling from craft stores, I buy the pillows/cushions from my local £1.00 shop - they are ideal!


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