Saturday, 13 June 2009 rest for the wicked!

Sorry for the long time between postings - I don't know where the time goes! Well I do, what with supplying three new shops and trying to hold down a part time job, life is pretty hectic. Well, what have I been up to? I have been making lots of lovely new things for my next craft fair which is at the Cheshire Show, like these lovely bunnies, filled with a fresh linen scent they have a little tail and are too lovely to hide away in a drawer.
Reproduced by kind permission of my friends Rachel and Catherine at Fingertip Interiors, these fabric gift tags look great on bottles of wine or any gift. Check out Catherine and Rachel's lovely products at
I can't resist hearts - I just love them, small and compact like these lavender filled hearts or big and cuddly like these primitive style hearts, I love the fleece material, it feels lovely.

Anyway we are off to Bruges soon (second time lucky) so best get on and finish the millions of jobs I have started!!!


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